Arizona, It's Time to ThinkSmallBiz

The Facts

We'd be willing to bet you own a small biz, work for a small biz, shop at a small biz. know a small biz… or know someone who does. With 97% of businesses in Arizona classified as small (500 employees or less), it's not surprising. What you may not know, though, is that small business is the state's largest employer, employing 45 percent of the private-sector labor force. In fact, more than half of Americans either own or work for a small business, and they create 60-80 percent of new jobs in the country. Now, that's job creation and retention if we've ever seen it. So, I guess you could say, supporting small biz is all of our jobs. We hope you agree.


The Movement

The ThinkSmallBiz movement provides a powerful and engaging platform to encourage consumers, businesses, and public officials to support and patronage small businesses, with the goal of strengthening economic stability by increasing sales, tax revenue and securing and creating jobs. The basic message is before you make a purchase decision, or legislative decision, we encourage you to ThinkSmallBiz. Ok, that sounds great, but how do we get it done?

  • Statewide media and grassroots marketing campaign:In January 2015, the Arizona Small Business Association, along with our partners, will be launching an extensive media and grassroots marketing campaign to encourage everyone to "ThinkSmallBiz".
  • ThinkSmallBiz Directory:ThinkSmallBizAZ.com is a public-facing online directory of small businesses. All small business with 500 employees or less, with at least one location in Arizona, are invited to create a FREE listing on the directory. The statewide media campaign will drive businesses and consumers to this directory.
  • ThinkSmallBiz.org Online Small Biz Community: Launching in Spring 2015, ThinkSmallBiz.org will be THE hub for all things small biz – free social media profiles, small business events, news and articles, and much more.

The Call to Action

It takes a village to … support a small business. That's where you come in! Whether you are an individual, a small business, a big business, or a Chamber, Association or other organization supporting small business, you can play a vital role in supporting our small business community. Click here to learn how you can get involved.

Create your basic listing here

Companies who have less than 500 employees, and who have at least one office or location in Arizona, are invited to create a listing on the ThinkSmallBiz Directory. Fill out the form to get started.

What is ThinkSmallBiz?

ThinkSmallBiz is a movement promoting the support and patronage of small businesses with the goal of strengthening economic stability in business and workforce by increasing sales, tax revenue and securing and creating jobs.

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